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Mutual Agreement

Between Alentaris and Candidates

Alentaris is a private recruitment agency dealing with companies seeking to recruit staff at different levels.

Upon receipt of your application, we immediately insert your details in our recruitment databank and send you an acknowledgement letter. Enrolment in our data bank is free of charge.

We give you full assurance of confidentiality when handling your file. Under no circumstances, will your name be forwarded to a prospective employer without your authorisation.

Our Guarantee to Candidates

Pre-selection interview with one of our consultants prior to sending your CV to a potential employer
Full coaching and pertinent information about the vacancy available prior to sending your candidature
Advise on preparing an attractive CV and in-depth information about the job market
Personality testing, when appropriate (tariffs available on request)

Our Approach Towards Candidates

During the interview with one of our consultants, you will be briefed on the vacancy available and the company.
Should you be short-listed for this position, we will arrange for an interview with our client. If our client does not select you, we will notify you and return your CV to our data bank, until another suitable position becomes available.

Our Conditions

Alentaris places its confidence in you by recommending your candidature to our clients.
In return, we expect a high level of professionalism from you.

You Agree

1. To include only true and factual information in your Curriculum Vitae about your qualifications and experience
2. To inform us if there is any type of contract binding you to your present employer and for how long
3. To let us know, at the end of the interview with one of our consultants, whether you have ever sent your Curriculum Vitae to any company to which your candidature is likely to be forwarded by us
4. To inform us if you have ever been retrenched or dismissed by any company and the reasons behind this decision
5. To give us the names of any specific company you do not wish to work for
6. To treat all information regarding our client and the vacancy available with strict confidentiality
7. Not to contact our client directly, for any reason whatsoever, without prior permission from one of our consultants
8. Not to ask anybody to influence our client's selection
9. To inform us if ever a company, to which your CV had been sent by us, contacts you directly for any post whatsoever
10. To make yourself available and presentable for selection interviews and inform us, before the scheduled date, if you are unable to attend
11. To give us feedback within twenty-four hours following your interviews with our client
12. To inform us the moment you are made an offer by one of our clients.
13. That any decision relating to a firm job offer by one of our clients will be communicated to us and not directly to our client
14. To give us all details related to your work contract, including package
15. Not to hold Alentaris liable for any information or representation that may be misleading regarding any of our clients.

Once you have been placed by Alentaris, you are not liable to postulate for any new position which is advertised by Alentaris or any of its subsidiary companies for one year from the date you have been confirmed in that position.

Please note that should you fail to comply with the above-mentioned conditions or lack professional behaviour in any way, your candidature will immediately be removed permanently from our databank and any previous recommendation we have made to our clients regarding your application will be withdrawn in writing.
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