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Change Management

What if...

  • employees understood the Big Picture of the competitive marketplace and the need for change at an accelerated pace?
  • employees understood the business through your Customers’ Eyes and took steps to improve the customer experience?
  • employees understood the Profit Drivers of your business and the actions they could take to improve the financial health of the company?
  • employees had a Shared Mental Model of the business and were able to communicate using a common language?
  • employees had a clear vision of the Strategic Direction of your company and used their energy to pursue it rather than question it?
  • employees had access to the “Right” Knowledge within the company and were able to streamline operations?
  • employees not only understood why change is required of them, but they were able to Self-Determine what changes must occur?

At Alentaris we develop change implementation strategies that engage your employees in an accelerated learning process to understand, support and act on your business strategies and organizational change initiatives.

Employees that experience Alentaris‘s change management process will typically:

  • Be asked to challenge their attitudes and assumptions
  • Review and understand marketplace data that supports the need for change
  • Seek understanding and collaborate with others in the group to acquire new knowledge about customers, competitors and internal performance
  • Develop new conclusions about the business issues being explored
  • Determine their role in dealing with the business issues and what it will take to create success for the company, as well as for themselves
  • Identify and internalize the specific action steps they must take to realize this newly determined role

Change Management supports the initiatives to enhance organisational performance. It addresses many of the obstacles encountered in any change initiative e.g. resistance to change, lack of communication. The graphic below illustrates how an organisation can move from where it is now (the current state) to where it wants to be (the future state).

The Change Enablement Framework

Change Management

Based on the above Change Management Framework, we create comprehensive and integrated change plans for our clients that are:

  • Customized to unique business situation
  • Founded on sound principles of organisation development and behavioural science
  • Reflective of the practical lessons learned from coaching other companies through change.

The methodology entails:

  • Reconciling organisational and individual change
  • Assessing the organisation’s readiness for change
  • Identifying enablers and barriers to change
  • Developing action plans
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