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We offer an unrivalled range of training and development services

Improving People Effectiveness

Our approach to training and development involves focusing on individual behaviours and skills that are required now and in the future to help people perform effectively in their roles and thus achieve business goals.


When we assist an organisation with a change enablement programme, a performance management system or an organisation review we come to know the exact needs in terms of the critical and strategic skills required by its people.  This is why we are in a position to develop training programmes that are customised to address unique needs.

Alentaris has grown and developed a team of proven trainers and workshop facilitators capable of delivery at workforce, staff and leadership level. Also, in line with our transfer of skills approach, we have conducted train-the-trainer workshops in large organisations to help them set up their own training departments and systems.

We design and deliver Learning and Development programmes that help individuals and teams and ultimately the business, improve what they do in terms of customer and employee satisfaction.

This, as we all know, is one of the first steps towards increased productivity and profitability. All our programmes are concerned to some degree with managing change and managing learning.  We believe these are two sides of the same coin; that to manage change we must manage learning.

We work in collaboration with our client companies and typically, our projects will go through the following stages:

  • Diagnosis - We work jointly with our clients to identify the areas they wish to change and the outcomes they wish to achieve.
  • Design - We collaborate in the design of a solution or process and the measures of success.
  • Delivery or Implementation - Our methods are motivational and inspiring.  We bring out the latent potential – the untapped knowledge, experience and capabilities – of management and leadership teams. 
  • Evaluation - We let everyone know how well it’s worked.

Our programme overviews describe journeys not events.  These are organic, flexible and evolving programmes of processes and activities that develop a sound foundation of management knowledge, skills and attitudes and seek to deliver incremental, sustainable change over time (miracles will take a little longer!).

Our experience has shown that there are eight critical areas impacting on whether classroom learning transfers to permanent improvements in workplace performance. Ultimately, for maximum return on investment an organization will need to optimize each area:

  • COMMITMENT – Support follow-up reinforcement
  • COACHING – Prepare direct managers for their development role
  • FOLLOW-UP – Integrate reinforcement programs with assessment and training programs
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Measure performance improvement and calculate ROI
  • TRAINING FOR TRANSFER – Incorporate learning strategies that promote application and reinforcement of skills
  • LEARNING NETWORKS – Coordinate support for the learner
  • FOCUS – Identify training needs that will have a positive impact on business results
  • CULTURE – Align the organization’s policies and practices to support performance improvement

In short, to create permanent changes in employee behaviour, you will need to motivate them to learn and develop, focus their attention on needed improvement, provide ongoing feedback, and hold them accountable.

What So Special About Our Learning & Development System

We combine our technical and management experience with our outstanding skills in dealing with the human issues that are normal when people are working closely together. We use our intellect, empathy, compassion, courage, enthusiasm, humor and acceptance to create a positive environment safe enough to encourage maximum learning and growth.

We have years of experience working together as a team. Most of our consultants are permanents, trained and certified, ensuring high quality and consistency.

We do not offer open courses because as a client, you present us with your specific technical or managerial need. We address your business need directly. In the course of addressing this, we may discover related issues with current processes and practices. If so, we discuss the effects of these with you and jointly determine what action is appropriate.

In summary, we address your business need directly, considering your organization’s processes and your people’s needs as part of the whole picture.

Learning that makes sense

Alentaris’s expertise and experience have immediate and long-term applications. We offer flexible, powerful assessment and development solutions that give your leaders and their teams the skills to meet current and future strategic goals and objectives—and to make those skills stick. Our competency-based approach allows you to integrate and align your training initiatives with all your HR systems— from selection to performance management to succession—making leadership and workforce development an indispensable component of your total talent strategy.

Starting with the end in mind: our goal is realization and sustainable results. The only way to accomplish this is to link leadership and workforce development training to your organisation’s business drivers, goals, and values. It’s no secret that buy-in, enthusiastic participation, and results long after training ends are more likely when associates see why your training initiative is important.

Our Team Will Work Side By Side With Your Team

We don’t provide one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, Alentaris works with you to identify and implement a solution that’s the right fit with your needs, your culture, and your situation. Our approach is driven by an unwavering focus on realization—sustainable implementations with real business impact. Further, our award-winning learning and development offerings are supported by hundreds of industry leading consultants around the world.

Alentaris can help turn your workforce into a competitive advantage by helping you:

  • Build effective communication among peers, customers, supervisors, and leaders. Kick-start and maintain high-performance work teams.
  • Build the necessary skills for turning ideas on improving processes, quality and service into action.
  • Develop the high level of involvement that enables people to take on more responsibility in today’s flatter organizations.
  • Ensure repeat business from established customers, increase word-of-mouth referrals for your business, and inspire loyalty in new customers. Effectively communicate vision and values and put them in operation at every level.
  • Build commitment and passion.
  • Successfully manage change.

Our leadership, workforce development, and customer service programs are proven to build job-critical competencies and promote positive behavior changes that lead to better job performance. We have a passion for helping you succeed and a deep understanding of what it takes for your organization to attain positive, measurable results.

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